A different kind of real estate developer

Among Vancouver real estate developers, one company consistently stands out for its forward-looking creative vision and sheer expertise. This is the Bogner Group, a boutique-sized developer widely respected for its extensive breadth of experience, meticulous attention to detail, and a design process that considers every aspect of any given community. Bogner Group has a clear preference for focusing its attention on a very few carefully chosen developments at any given time, closely monitoring each stage of the design and construction process.

Bogner has a well-established reputation, and has been building better quality homes throughout the Lower Mainland since the 1970s. From single-family homes, to multi-family condos and thoughtfully-planned social housing developments, Bogner is known for their progressive communities, and their genuine commitment to the people who will live in them.


Mr. Leon Bogner founded the company back in 1970, when he began creating upscale homes. Until the mid 1980s, the focus was exclusively on single-family houses of outstanding quality and distinctive design. Then the group began to branch out into multi-family developments, and in 1985 they built their first condominium project: Windgate, in Vancouver’s desirable Kitsilano neighbourhood. Since that time, Bogner Group has built almost 2500 multi-family units in 35 developments throughout Metro Vancouver and in Alberta.

Why Choose Bogner?

This hands-on company differs from many Vancouver developers because of its selective approach to developing and its close attention to detail. Bogner Group focuses its attention on very few carefully chosen developments at any given time. This allows the closely-knit management team to monitor every aspect of every development, from assessing prospective sites, to working with architects, interior designers, landscape professionals, construction firms, and craftsmen.

Principal and founder Leon Bogner collaborates with Chief Financial Officer Wolfgang Wittenburg, Vice President CAO Twylia Kuss, and Manager, Construction Operations Larry Schneider, to ensure that every element of a development is completed to the group’s exacting standards. All members of the management team have been working together closely for more than 25 years, resulting in a rare combination of commitment, traction, and expertise that is evident in each and every home they build.